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ASTM copper corrosion reference strips
Test Methods for Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Fluids
September 24, 2023
Today’s tests for electric vehicle drivetrain lubricants and cooling fluids are a mixture of standard methods, their adaptations, in-house methods and new methods under deve...
nanoparticle with luminous core
Perovskite Microcrystals Have Stable Shells and Bright Cores
September 6, 2023
Lead-free double perovskite shells surrounding lead-perovskite 2D crystal cores combine the best features of both for making solar cells, LEDs, detectors, and lasers. JAC...
heat map matrix
Machine Learning Explores Uncharted Territory
August 24, 2023
A machine-learned potential approach ventures into uncharted territory, with the aim of finding undiscovered ternary oxides for electronics and clean energy applications. ...


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