About Nancy McGuire

Nancy McGuire, PhD

Do you need a freelance writer/editor for your science or engineering publication? I have a PhD in chemistry, laboratory research experience, and expertise in tailoring scientific and technical information to the needs, interests, and vocabularies of specific audiences. I edit practitioner-written articles to make them come alive for general audiences, and I explain complex concepts in a relevant, engaging, and original way through my own writing.

Science and technology play such a large role in our everyday lives — alternative energy sources, the ways our infrastructure ages, packaging materials that don’t turn into pollutants, the effects of human activities on the global climate — you get the picture. Non-scientists must make important decisions based on a deluge of technical information that isn’t easy to understand or evaluate. I provide the critical link between the scientist and the general audience to make sure the message comes through clearly and accurately.

Specialties: Science writing, verbal and visual communications, substantive and development editing, and basic media training. Print and web content management, project management, desktop publishing, and social media. Materials science, chemistry, physics, geosciences, nanosciences, engineering, and computational science.