Troubleshooting Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking operations involve many interacting factors, only one of which is the metalworking fluid (MWF). Solving problems on the production floor requires identifying the factor (or factors) most responsible for the problem. Besides the MWF formulation, other contributors to machining performance include maintenance practices, the type of metalworking operation, machining variables (speed, feed, etc.), the workpiece metallurgy and the environment in the production area.

Can We Talk?

(Reprinted from Flying Lessons: My year off is officially over. I’m still at home, but I’m actively looking for work. Maybe that will be a job in the conventional sense of the word, or maybe it will be a more creative way to bring in income. I’m not sure. …

Signal to Noise Ratios

Back to the science metaphors today. I got to thinking about how radically I have emptied out my schedule this year, and how it’s helping me pay attention to things too long ignored. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio, as it were. Right after grad school, I spent three years as a …

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