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Artificial intelligence for real-world mechanical systems

Tribology & Lubrication Technologies – February 2021

Artificial intelligence offers a wealth of resources for solving complex problems, but accurate predictions and understandable results still require human participation.


TLT November 2021

Electric Vehicle Grease Finds Its Bearings

Tribology & Lubrication Technologies – November 2021

Evolving grease formulations help smooth the transition toward electric vehicles.


colloidal silica in extreme environments

An indomitable particle: Colloidal silica takes on extreme environments

W.R. Grace and C&EN BrandLab ebook May 2022

Colloidal silica stabilizes the ground under buildings during earthquakes and stops the spread of toxic pollutants below ground. It also preserves ancient carvings in the jungle, keeps the lenses and sensors aboard space vehicles clear and clean, and stands up to the hot, salty environment of petroleum and natural gas wells. It’s being tested as a construction material for 3D printed houses on Earth and for missions to the Moon and Mars.

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The Brave New World of Electric Vehicle Fluids

Tribology & Lubrication Technologies – October 2021

Electric vehicle fluids differ in fundamental ways from those used for internal combustion engines—and from each other.


Greases for Slow and Steady Wind Turbine Bearings

Tribology & Lubrication Technologies – January 2021

Grease lubricants help slowly rotating wind turbine main shaft bearings reliably support their huge loads year after year.


TLT October 2020

Solid Coatings: Not Just for Space Vehicles

Tribology & Lubrication Technologies – October 2020

Solid reduction coatings were once the purview of the aerospace industry. Now, they are showing up in applications here on the ground.


TLT May 2020

Solid Protection in a Harsh Environment

Tribology & Lubrication Technologies – May 2020

For solid lubricants and antiwear coatings, the bridge between fundamental research and commercial applications is still under construction —but progress is well underway.


The Science of Particle Making

Tribology & Lubrication Technologies – November 2019

From peanut butter to pigments for fine china, breaking boulders to DIY tattoo ink, grinding is a complex science.