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Artificial intelligence for real-world mechanical systems

cover image TLT February 2022

Artificial intelligence offers a wealth of resources for solving complex problems, but accurate predictions and understandable results still require human participation.


Tribology and Lubrication Technology February 2022

Simulations for Sustainability

e-Book cover: Simulations for Sustainability

In the hypercompetitive markets for advanced materials and processes, industries are turning to computational tools to gain and keep an advantage. It’s no longer enough to solve today’s problems using today’s materials—businesses are looking to tomorrow’s materials, markets, regulations, sustainability, and consumer demands.

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Open gear lubricants evolve slowly but surely

TLT cover December 2012

How do you lubricate a 120-ton gear the height of a four-story building that sits outdoors or in a dusty plant environment, while meeting safety, environmental and operating cost constraints?


December 2022, Tribology and Lubrication Technology magazine
Feature article

Building sustainability into the aviation lubricants industry

TLT Cover October 2022

Despite the demands of extreme operating conditions and stringent certification procedures, aviation lubricants and hydraulic fluids are evolving with the times—and bigger changes are on the horizon.


October 2022, Tribology and Lubrication Technology magazine
Cover Story