Short Articles

Customer use cases, white papers, and lay-language summaries of scientific publications

Recipe for Ultrathin Wires: Melt, Fill, Freeze, Modify
JACS Spotlights, April 24, 2024

Electrical Wiring on the Atomic Scale
JACS Spotlights, March 27, 2024

Crystal Cages for Carotenes and Catalysts
JACS Spotlights, February 13, 2024

▶︎ Transforming CMC Generation
Dassault Systèmes/BIOVIA, March 4, 2024

▶︎ Solid Refrigerants Perform Under Pressure
JACS Spotlights, February 14, 2024

▶︎ Accelerating Small-Molecule Drug Discovery Using FEP Calculations
Cresset and C&EN BrandLab, December 2023

New Recyclable Polymers Made From CO2
JACS Spotlights, November 22, 2023

One step closer to commercial sodium batteries
JACS Spotlights, September 27, 2023

Machine Learning Explores Uncharted Territory
JACS Spotlights, August 24, 2023

► Electrical “Circuit Breakers” Keep the Lights On
JACS Spotlights, June 21, 2023

► Modeling and Simulation in the Battery Industry
Dassault Systèmes/BIOVIA, May 1, 2023